Joanna Sinclair

Best known in business for his work as the Director of Stockmann Retail and member of Stockmann Group Management team, Jouko Pitkänen is the man who put the company’s new strategy into action and launched a 50-million-euro savings program. Stockmann has undoubtedly played a prominent part in Pitkänen’s life, and yet it is just one phase: he also has a notable past in dance sports, a new career in talent identification – and in a few years, he will also have a doctoral DBA-degree from Aalto EE.

Riitta Lumme-Tuomala

Too few companies pay enough attention to allocating effectively the internal talent they have. This is true even in the cases where considerable time is spent identifying and recruiting high potential people and the value of talented people is understood within the organization.

Tom von Weymarn

The internal and external control is to ensure adequate risk management and the observance of external and internal ground rules in company operations. However, rules and corporate governance provide no guarantee that a company will succeed. Companies require the strategic agility to identify changes in customer needs and respond with solutions that the customer understands and appreciates. 

Panu Kause

Strategy and related concepts are hard to define, even if the topic has been discussed for decades. Whatever the terminology, every organization should be serious about its understanding of the future, says Panu Kause, an entrepreneur and former business executive.

Anca Agapi

Every company has to put a price on its offering. Some companies allocate more effort and resources to this process, others less. There are clear results for the companies who invest in a solid pricing strategy, results that have an immediate and substantial effect on profitability.

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