Ville Korhonen

“Without creativity, a sense of wonder and play, none of the great achievements in science or art would’ve been born. When we know how to foster these skills in schools, our children have the best opportunities to grow up to be happy and skilled people,” says Kirsti Lonka, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Helsinki.

Mikko Koria

Very recently an interesting phenomenon has been observed – analytically oriented management consultants and global enterprises have started to acquire design capabilities that complement their current offering. This mainstreaming of design and related thinking has taken over a decade and to really hit home - and now it seems that many elements are converging to re-create the playing field of cutting edge global business and their product-service-business model systems.

Mikko Laukkanen

Organizations throughout the world, and especially in developed economies, are looking to use innovations as a way to create new markets or out-compete their competition. These innovations can take many forms, from product to service innovations, business model to process innovations, or from incremental to radical innovations.

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