Friend and Warm Vibe: “The program is a great combination of hard and soft skills”

Ville Blåfield

Aalto EMBA participant
 Pawel Koscianski, Production Director, TKH Kabeltechniek, Leszno 

Pawel Koscianski from Poland wanted to join the Aalto EMBA program, as he felt he needed to improve his management and business skills alongside his technological competence. He works in western Poland for a Dutch-owned company that manufactures electrical harnesses.

When asked about his experience on the EMBA program, what first springs to mind are the people and warm vibe: “From day one, we have been a group. People have different types of roles in their companies, but this isn’t a place for talking about that or comparing personal success, but about friendship on an equal footing.”

Koscianski also speaks highly about the personnel at Aalto EE: “I didn’t realize people here would treat us as friends rather than customers, and the atmosphere is so down-to-earth that we can all go to a bar or an art exhibition together.”

Koscianski’s EMBA studies are funded by his employer, and he is aware that expectations are high. “I am satisfied, and so is my company. The program is a great combination of hard and soft skills. The modules have been designed so that they can be completed alongside work.”

“I appreciate the combination of theory and practice. Often the lecturers also have practical experience in the issues they are talking about. These days, information and experiences need to be fresh – having book knowledge from a decade ago isn’t enough.”

Koscianski took part in English courses before beginning the Aalto EMBA studies. “But the study material is easy to understand, and you can get by even if you don’t speak English at a native level.”


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